More matches with this simple Tinder hack!

A lesson in marketing, a product in a crowded market.

At the job interview, the interviewer asked, “Have you ever whistled at a girl?” “No”, said the applicant. “Then it is impossible for you to do sales!”
This is how the interview went, unbelievable right?

It is quit interesting how everything in life is related. Sales, hitting on a girl or getting that job you always wanted. With the interest in psychology and hearing my friends about not getting the amount or high quality matches they want, I figured I could do better. So I started with my journey to get the best Tinder hack possible. And not only get more matches but also the most beautiful matches.
I kept wondering what motivated all those companies, but a 2 billion industry in the US alone explains why. Besides, every fifth relationship starts online. Starting a relationship through online dating isn’t weird anymore these days.

The Tinder hack that gave me huge success

Thanks to the hack I got over 100 matches in about a week! And more Tinder dates than most people will ever have. I became friends with a top athlete, entrepreneur, model, dancer and more fascinating women. Everybody that did some swiping knows, rejecting someone is fairly easy. Unless you are Brad Pitt you will face some rejections in the online dating scene. You could see it as a huge market where everybody comes together. There is so much choice and with the swiping involved, rejection could happen in the blink of an eye. Even if you are the complete package, that intelligent and kind person, your love story ends before you even know.

What was the big success of my Tinder profile?

Starting with a picture of myself is something that every person does. This would give me 50% change of getting a match. But honestly, the average guy receives only 1 to 3 matches per day. Based on Tinder its platform, everything comes down to how good you looking you are and how good you look on the photos. Because taking photos is not my best skill, I figured I had to do something else.

Let my future match stick on my profile

As I said earlier, rejecting someone happens in a split second. Therefore, I need all these potential Tinder matches to stay at least 4 extra seconds on my profile. Just like the big companies, such as Amazon and Booking, do online I would set up a funnel in my Tinder profile. The funnel would lead my profile visitors from awareness to consideration and eventually to MATCH!

What did I exactly do to stand out of the Tinder crowd?

Try to stand out, be different than usual. I was firstly thinking of photoshop and create something funny. IMAGE Unfortunately, photoshopping is not a quality of mine. I am creative and can come up with some great words. This is what I did.
Tinder photoshop
best tinder bio

Everybody posts a photo of themselves, and of course, that is what you swipe on. But what if you tried to keep it conversational. A different photo than everybody else raises interest. For sure that when someone actually reads it, they swipe on to the next photo. After all every dating website is almost based on just looks. But what if I tell you to do it different. When the potential match read the first photo and swipes to the next, curiosity is raised. Now it is time for a call to action.

funny tinder bio

It is commonly known that most women prefer intelligence and kindness above handsome. Therefore, I made sure for them to know that I am all of that plus more. With an MBA, I show I have success. And who doesn’t like successful man? Now the most important part, the call to action. It must be clear to your Tinder match what she needs to do. Therefore, I asked already to go for a coffee if we would only do as much as match. I am good for an opener now already.

Looks determine your Tinder success, manipulation?

Yes, this is not something new. But hey, unless you look like IT you must have some luck. A good smile can do wonders on online dating.
A pro was to give my potential match reasons for swiping right on my profile. Lets say I am new in town, alone and need someone to guide me around. This could be a huge factor for someone to match. With this being said, I clearly mentioned I was looking for action (read: a guided tour) and not plain texting. So I could be sure that when someone read my profile, I would have the possibility for a quick meet and great.
For so far, looks definitely determine more than it would in real life dating. But adjusting your profile in a certain way can make a huge of a difference.

My Tinder photo and the Tinder hack result

The last step to my profile is of course a real photo of myself. With the previous steps the high expectations of physical beauty have been lowered tremendously. Don’t make it weird now, a normal photo should do the job. Show your eyes, not too much of a distance and no group photos!
The result was amazing! Not only did the quantity but also the quality of my matches increase. I now was able to meet up with some great people. It gave such a boost to my social life. I could say that these were people I would never meet without Tinder. Meeting them would always been out of my comfort zone. What was even most surprising is that a lot of the matches took the initiative of asking me out for a date (Or even a second date).

Additional Tinder tips for your photos and bio

I don’t want anything being unsaid in this article to help you with getting more Tinder matches. So here are some more tips. If you have any questions, suggestions or additional tips please mention them below in the comments!

What can and can you not do in your Tinder photos?

So no group photos. If you follow the steps that are described earlier definitely no group photos. If you do not, you can add in 1 group photo but don’t make your potential match search for you. It is your profile, so show yourself! Don’t forget to smile, show your eyes and some of your physique. Not being naked, but you can let them know how you are build. Not everybody is like Arnold and everybody knows that.

Photos can tell you complete stories, what can you write in your bio?

Your bio can show your purpose of swiping on Tinder, be an add-on to your photos or even help you with your opener. I prefer some fun and try to put some humor in it. Don’t be an open book, but showing some personality cannot hurt anyone.

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